Healthcare Policy White Paper Proposal

Healthcare Policy White Paper Proposal
The health care policy white paper proposal should:
• Be a minimum of 5 pages and a maximum of 7 pages
• Have 1-inch margins
• Be double-spaced with a 5-space indentation for each new paragraph
 • The paragraph spacing should be set to 0-point spacing
• Use Arial 12 font or equivalent
• Have page numbers in Arial 9-pont font in the footer, starting with the statement of the problem section
• Have a minimum of 5 references these are the components to the proposal:
• Title page: Name, Net ID, and proposal title
• Statement of the problem: This section should identify the policy issue to be researched.
(1 page minimum)
• Importance of issue: This section should discuss the effects of the issue on the health care system, the health of the nation, health care costs, or individuals. In other words, why should we care about this issue?
(2 pages minimum)
• Preliminary literature review: This section should discuss your findings from your preliminary literature review. What have you discovered about the issue so far? What solutions have been used to address the issue? Why are other solutions needed? (2 pages minimum)
• Reference page: minimum of 5 references do not use headings or subheadings in the body of your proposal, except for the following headings: Statement of the Problem, Importance of the Issue, Preliminary Literature Review. After each heading, the content for that section should begin. For example: (5-space indentation) Statement of the Problem: The number of uninsured individuals dropped with the implementation of the Affordable Care Act, but the overturn of the insurance mandate may lead to an increase in the number of uninsured…etc. Do not have a “stand-alone” headings or subheadings. (This is a 2 part paper with the first consisting of the proposal and the second is the actual paper. Please see attachment for complete details. Ideally the professor who accepts the proposal paper will also bid for the actual paper which will be available after the proposal is completed)


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