Height and wingspan



Type all of your answers into a Word document with complete sentences and correct grammar. You may use Excel for graphs. Submit the Word document and any Excel documents you use to create graphs into the Height and https://elearn.dscc.edu/d2l/common/dialogs/quickLink/quickLink.d2l?ou=8395461&type=dropbox&rcode=TBR-20651997
With symbols, state the null and alternative hypothesis for the correlation between the height of a person and the finger-tip width.
What does the null and alternative hypothesis statements mean in English?
State the rejection region with 5% level of significance.
State the correlation coefficient and the p-value.
State the conclusion of the hypothesis test. What does this mean about whether or not height and finger-tip width are correlated? Use α=0.05 level of significance.
Find the slope and y-intercept of the regression line. State the regression line in proper form.
Using the regression line, predict the fingertip span of a person that is 67 inches tall. Show all work

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