High Blood Pressure in adults screening ages 18 and olderDiscuss why it is important to screen for this condition.


For this Assignment you will pick one recommended screening from United States Preventive Task Force A and B Recommendations: High Blood Pressure in adults screening ages 18 and older

An initiative is a project, an event, so something in the community is ideal. Workplace location for employees is fine too. Include the following suggested level one headings so content is clear and easily identified.

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1.Theory or Conceptual Model

Choose a theory or conceptual model that you think might work for your initiative and explain the theory or model here. You may choose to independently research your model to help you explain its application to your initiative. If you have found another model you will like to use, not listed, contact your instructor.

2.Screening Purpose

Discuss why it is important to screen for this condition. This is where you address your community assessment and the reason for this need in your community/ population choice. Support your stance with statistics and information, ideally related to the location and population.


Clearly address the demographics that are being screened; where they live, state, county, ages, races included etc. Provide a brief general community assessment as it related to the condition and the population.

4.Location/ Setting

Briefly explain where you are doing this. It should be very specific (e.g., Senior Citizen Center in Monroe Co on Saturday). Think about what kind of facility or area you will need. Include comments explaining how this location meets the needs of your target population and screening choice.

5.Screening Activity

This section is what you are doing at the screening and should completely align with the screening guideline for the condition. Also all health promotion screenings include some brief prevention education component.

6.Outcome Goals

Bullet specific goals here. What do you hope to accomplish with your screening?


This is the cost for you to develop and conduct the initiative. It is best displayed as a brief Word table showing what it costs you to conduct the screening; paper, equipment, rentals etc. Volunteers are fine, but everything is not free.

Students must demonstrate they can develop a cost estimate for a community screening intervention that is realistic and takes into account financials. If there is a cost for the attendees that should go here as well.


Provide a summary of your screening, general benefit to the community and why it is important. Apply this knowledge to the Adult-Gerontology Acute Care Nurse Practitioner specialty focus as it relates to health promotion and epidemiology.

7th edition APA formatting and citation style.

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