High-quality, thoughtful, and appropriate responses to the discussion question prompts are expected.

High-quality, thoughtful, and appropriate responses to the discussion question prompts are expected. For complete, high-quality analysis, each of these written work products should approximate 6 to 10 pages using 1-inch margins, double-spacing, and a 12-point font, and APA formatting. Paper must include a cover and a reference page. You should properly cite any material sourced from research.
Follow the syllabus assignment instructions and grading rubric requirements to maximize your performance.
Learning Activity 1: You – making a difference in formulating the short- and long-term community-wide health strategy (Middleboro Case 1)
Put yourself into a new mind frame outside your usual comfort zone that may require different perspectives and thinking about the future.
Thank you for volunteering! You are admired as a grassroots Middleboro community leader, recently selected by the Hillsboro County commissioners to serve on a diverse committee of other local stakeholders. Your committee is tasked with developing a 15-year strategic plan to enhance health conditions and outcomes for the County-wide community.
Information in Case Study 1 should be considered as background for your work, along with all of the things you have learned to-date, and any further research undertaken. Use all your knowledge assets about strategic factors impacting community health needs and the health sector, both existing now and anticipated to evolve over the committee’s 15-year planning horizon.
You were sought and selected by the County commissioners for this important Hillsboro County Strategic Health Planning Committee role because of your foresight about risks – hazards, opportunities and uncertainties. You are also recognized as a collegial, outside-the-box thinker and problem solver, who cares deeply about the community and delivers lasting value in everything you do.
In preparation for your committee’s first meeting, your job is to prepare a paper, addressing the following, that will be used by your committee peers:
Develop and propose two hypotheses you envision as the most important community health strategic planning priorities the committee should address in the plan it will develop. Consider current priorities important over the next 3 years, but also keeping in mind how current concerns may evolve over the long-term 15-year planning horizon. It’s all about strategy, so think long-term as well as about the hear-and-now.
Explain each of your two strategic priorities clearly, concisely and completely, so your committee peers can understand the nature, scope and other details of what you are thinking. For example, as warranted, consider covering the “who, what, when where, why and how” within your hypothesis statements.
For each of your two proposed strategic planning priorities, also explain the underlying root cause problem(s) that may be driving them and why, as well as high-level strategic short- and long-term community health benefit(s) that could be realized if the problem(s) were to be ultimately solved once the to-be-developed strategic plan is implemented.
You do not need to construct any specific strategic or tactical solutions, or game plans, for your priorities here — just your “what/why” strategic vision about the root problem(s) and the benefit(s) of potential solutions to be pursued strategically in the short- and long-terms. Other people will develop solution details based on the committee’s strategic framework.
For each of your two proposed strategic planning priorities, associated root problems and potential solution benefits, explain the risks that surround them – the hazard, opportunities and uncertainties. These are the risks that public and private government and health-sector officials will need to understand in order to effectively understand and act on your strategic priority hypothesis over the short- and long-term.
In your paper, you are encouraged to make any key assumptions related to your ideas, considering the Case Study facts and other knowledge and viewpoints you offer for context and creativity. Just make sure your assumptions are well-connected, and clearly and completely explained.
Again, thank you for your important volunteer service contributions as a committee member for the greater good – and health – of the Hillsboro County community!