Historical context




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(Important Note: Post a title that reflects the main points of your presentation at the top of your response. For
examples, “Native American Representations in the French-Indian War” or “Propaganda in the Civil War” or
“Slavery and Resistance,” or “Women and the Revolution,” “Abolitionist arguments against Slavery,” etc.”)
1. Explain the historical context of your primary sources. Who produced it, when, and why? What, or who, was
it for? What common theme or event do your sources address?
2. Analyze the significance of your primary sources as historical documents. What do they reveal (individually
and collectively) about your topic in the time period? (For ideas about this, examine how historian Eric Foner
frames the “Voices of Freedom” sources and other primary sources in each chapter.)
Describe and analyze the visual details and text in your sources and use details from the sources, textbook
reading and lectures to analyze them.
3. Based on your primary sources, and our class materials, how do the sources you chose reveal experiences
of Americans at the time your sources were produced? What do they tell us about American society during this
In your answers to the questions, be sure to support your points with appropriate details from the textbook (cite
the page numbers), films we viewed in class, and /or lectures to support your analysis.
Cite all the sources you used in the assignment. Presentations lacking cited sources will not receive credit. You
should use the class materials (reading, lecture notes, films), and you are not required to use sources outside
of the Library of Congress site, or sources outside of our class.
In your replies, assess how your classmate analyzed her/his documents, and compare their sources to yours:
what similarities and/or dif  ferences do you see?




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