Working individually at home (or in res), each student is required to:  Conduct a home energy audit to determine the energy consumed per month, either from direct energy readings, or from inferred values (one is not constrained to this, any environment with interesting loads may be audited); 
Find the applicable municipal tariffs and to estimate the energy costs incurred from the above;  Plot a daily- and a weekly- load profile (power vs time graphs), derived from the power requirements of the appliances used, based on their time of use, and duration of use;
 Propose a load-shifting schedule, based on the above, that would minimise the peak power demand – this would be done in the form of a daily- and weekly- power vs time graph;  Propose a generic strategy that could be used by someone wishing to reduce their peak power demand;  Communicate the results in a short report and brief video presentation.
 Access to one’s electricity meter (or pre-paid meter) albeit an advantage, is not mandatory, as estimations can be made from the name-plate or datasheet values of one’s appliances and knowing their time-of-use and duration-of-use.
The assessment comprises two parts: a short project report and a brief video presentation. Rubrics will be used for the assessment of both parts; details of the submit tables and of these rubrics will be published in due course. 3.1. Project Report Each student will compile a report documenting all aspects of the above.
The report is limited to four pages: two pages for the report itself and two-pages for the appendix: for drawings, results, graphs, etc. The report must be submitted electronically as a PDF file, via Sakai. This report will contribute 60% towards their SGDP mark. The submission will take place during Week #13; the exact deadline will be communicated in due course.


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