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 For an aviation service or product category of your choosing, select companies that compete against each other. Include strong and weak competitors, close and distant competitors, and good and bad competitors.

  – 250 words 


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second assignment in the file uploaded 


part 3 


Here you will discuss a variety of course-related items.  Each post is worth 25 points, awarded equally to the following areas, as follows:

  • – Relevance.  Is your response at least 200 words, relevant, and does it answer the question?
  • – Spelling/Grammar.  Is your response free from spelling and other grammatical errors?
  • – Respond to another student.  Did you respond in a meaningful and thoughtful way to at least one other student?

Remember, every point counts! Don’t lose points by failing to address those three items.

A good security practitioner stays abreast of the current aviation security issues of the day.  Using sources which are considered credible and reliable (see a good list here), discuss a recent US-related aviation security issue.  What is the threat, how does it impact the security of the aviation industry, and what is being done to mitigate the threat?  Are there any other relevant items regarding this issue to discuss?

Your post should be at least 200 words, must be free from spelling and grammar errors, and use appropriate punctuation.  You must meaningfully reply to another student in order to receive full credit for the discussion post.