How can children protective services (CPS) have a finding of no fault when there is an injured child

How can children protective services (CPS) have a finding of no fault when there is an injured child
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The primary objective of this study is to add knowledge to the large unexplored subject of how children protective services (CPS) can have a finding of no fault when
there is an injured child. An investigation of child injury is of the most significant action in child protection service. Nevertheless there are numerous challenges
that face the implementation of the process. Consequently this study focuses on providing insights on the challenges that are faced when delivering findings so to
provide a framework of solutions. Previous studies on this topic have provided narrow approach to the highlighting the challenges in giving findings. This has left the
topic uncovered especially in the context of children injury. As a result this study takes an exclusive approach to the issue of child injury in the US. Also the
study will critically examine the main factors that are should be incorporated to ensure the findings are flawless. Secondary data was used in conducting the research.
Secondary data was collected through journal books and government websites in regard to the topic. The study finds that formulating methodologies to prepare the
findings conducting investigations creating a body that deals with children injuries only notification of subjects involved evidence processing among other.
Challenges faced include the lack of cooperation poor evidence handling and lack of proper legislation. The paper will also talk about employees turn over in
agencies.Chapter one
This chapter will give the general overview of the study to be conducted and justify its significance. Child protective services is a name that is given to a
governmental agency in numerous states in the United States which is responsible for the provision of child protection services. This services may include urgent
responses to child abuse or neglect cases as they arise.
The child protective services is mandated or tasked with a number of issues to handle which include to act in response to any valid cases that occur of suspected
child maltreatment support and reinforce kinfolks whenever in their capabilities to expedite services to families which would aid to ensure the safety of their
children curb occurrence of any anticipated future child abuse or neglect and also evaluate the degree of child safety. This chapter is divided into four subdivisions
which include; background of the study statement of the problem research questions and significance of the study. The background provides a brief review of the major
notions discussed in the study. The problem statement provides details of the knowledge gap as well as a unique approach of the study compared to previous studies. The
research questions are the major areas which the study will focus while the researcher uses while conducting the study. They form the background of the literature
review since they act as guidelines.
Background of the study
Its quite evident that in the recent years there has been an upsurge in the number of cases of children injuries. Child abuse has emerged to have majorly impacted the
vulnerable population with children of under the age of five years accounting for 76% of fatalities experienced. Injury has hence forth been the leading killer among
children and teens. For instance in 2009 we experienced more than 13000 youths age 0-19 who died from intentional and unintentional injury (Child Protective
Services 2015).
Additionally approximately three million and five hundred thousand cases were reported by the Administration for children and families in the year 2004 who were
involved in soundings of supposed abuse or neglect and an projected eight hundred and seventy two thousand minors were determined to have been abused or even worse
neglected by their guardians and an estimated one thousand four hundred and ninety cases of children died the same year either due to neglect or abuse. The leading
cause of injury include motor vehicle crashes falls sports fires poisoning drowning suffocations and abuses. Child injuries are predictable and preventable.
Nonetheless they are one of the most unrecognized problem in the healthcare setting.
In 2010 there were over four hundred thousand children in foster care in the united states out of which 36% of the cases reported were of children under the age of add on this in the same year almost one hundred and twenty thousand children between age of birth and a five were enrolled into foster care programs while
slightly below exited the foster services. According to research conducted by use of the national data on re-offense indicates that at least 22% of children were
rerepeated within approximately 2 years and approximately 7% of these cases were authenticated.
Child injury progress has improved in the US for the last decade whereby the child death rate have decreased by 29% showing a major improvement. This is a significant
step to ensure the safety of the children. The Center for Disease Control and prevention (CDC) has taken steps to reduce children injury. Consequently they have
developed the National Action plan for child injury prevention. This body aims at enhancing reduction of child injury (Child Protective Services 2015).Lastly the
study will discuss about employees turnover.
The graph below represents previous statistics concerning cases of child abuse reported to child protective services under the age of seventeen.
For over the past eighteen years many child protection services parents guardians and other non-mandated stakeholders interested in the delivery of child
protection services have become aware that the investigative response to child mistreatment which include both child abuse and neglect have been unbending and
confrontational and did not bother in provision of adequate services to meet the demanding family needs.
The graph below shows the rate of children below seventeen years that have experienced victimization between two thousand and ten and two thousand and fourteen.