How children understand the phrase “red rats eater”

How children understand the phrase “red rats eater”
This is my thesis (bachelor’s) paper and i already wrote the first 2 chapters, but my professor said I need to write more pages for each chapter and also edit some things. I will attach all the files, with the chapters and also with the articles used and what it needs to be used for completing the task. For the first chapter I used 3 articles (Alegre&Gordon; Avram 2002 and Gordon 1985), but I need to edit some things in it, as my professor made some observations. I will send you the paper with the observations she made and tell you what she said there. At “1.3 Level ordering in L1 acquisition: Gordon (1985) ” she highlighted some things and wrote there that I should also say what method he used and give examples on compounds. Where you see highlighted parts, please modify them, as it means they are wrong. Also, she said that the tree representations have to be redrawn (they are from Avram 2002) and she said to give number to the examples and not “xx” and “zz” as I wrote there. In the “ Task” part, she said that it is almost word by word from the article, so it needs to be rewritten. Also, modify everything that is highlighted in yellow or cut with a line or in red. Please do the changes specified by me and also write a bit more, because she said that my chapter needs to have at least 10 pages and it doesn’t. I would like with all the changes made and all, to have 5 more pages. Now in the second chapter I used the articles Mayo 2006 and Lardiere. 1995 So in the first chapter I discussed the view in L1 acquisition and for the second chapter I had to discuss it in L2 acquisition. All the information needs to be taken from there. What you have to write is what the issue is, what questions do the authors intend to answer, how they want to investigate it, what participants they use for the experiments, with examples, what results they got and how they interpreted the results. I need it to be written in MLA Style and no plagiarism, please! My professor said that I only presented Mayo in my second chapter and I also had to present the experiment in Lardiere. I need 7 more pages here. Also, I want you to check the grammar in it, because I made some mistakes. Also, please modify there, because I accidentally wrote “Kisparsky” instead of “Kiparsky”.


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