How Covid-19 affect the business

Choose one company that you are familiar with and answer the following questions. The company can be from any industry and of any size and it can be a subsidiary of a big firm or standalone business, as long as you know it in-depth. For public firms

1. What is the industry of the company?

Please provide a description of the main business of the company and its target customers.

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2. What is the relative competitivity of the company in the local market?

For example, how does Walmart compare to Publix in Troy? Is Sips on the Square dominating the Troy pizza market?

3. What are the revenues of the business in 2019 and 2020?

It would be best if you can have quarterly data points, but an annual number would be fine. If you cannot obtain the exact number, you can estimate it with a) the financial statement of a public firm in the same industry, or b) use the industry average from survey reports (you will need to find out the sources on the internet).

4. How does Covid-19 affect the business?

You can elaborate on several potential aspects: customers (increased or reduced, why), employees (quarantine or sick leave), suppliers (disrupted production or transportation).

5. How does the company respond?

Does it lay off employees because of limited budgets? Does it borrow money to get through the pandemic? Does it apply for a government rescue plan (Paycheck Protection Program)? Does it find new ways to promote businesses?

6. Half-way through the pandemic, is the company in good shape? Can it survive?

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