• How important have these problems been historically?

Policy Analysis Paper – Using APA, Students will participate in an assignment to conduct an analysis of a social welfare policy and the development of programs and services. The policy analysis should be examined through the lens of a marginalized/vulnerable/oppressed population.
Students will choose from groups that may include (choose 1 or identify your own): I choose Families, women, and children
The broad social welfare policy area I choose is Healthcare
Upon selecting a broad policy area, you may examine a more specific policy to analyze how your specific group has fared under the policy. You must also look at the development of programs and services and the extent of its effectiveness to address the problem.
(1) Introduction and Statement of the Problem
Historical background of the policy
• What historical problems led to the creation of the policy?
• How important have these problems been historically?
• How was the problem previously handled?
• What is the historical background of the policy?
• When did the policy originate?
• How has the original policy changed over time?
• What is the legislative history of the policy?
Description of the problem that necessitated the policy
• What is the nature of the problem?
• How widespread is it?
• How many people are affected by it?
• Who is affected and how?
• What are the causes of the problem?