How might you explain to another individual that longing for an intimate relationship is not a sinful desire?

Unit Three Introduction In this unit, you will examine the relationship between sexuality and a number of social topics. As a sexuality educator, you will need an awareness of the potential impact of age, gender, lifestyle, and other dimensions of cultural diversity on human sexuality and sexuality education programs. Specifically, you will be introduced to the idea that as a sexuality educator you must be aware of the sexuality of people of all ages, types, and conditions. In addition, you will explore the existence of sexual values and ethics as well as the process of decision-making. It will be important for you to understand the significance of values and ethics and their role in choice, content, and pursuit of sexuality education. Personal values affect sexual decision-making and relationships throughout life. It can be difficult to identify truly universal values relating to sexuality, and these values vary across populations. However, it is imperative that future sexuality educators reflect on their own values in order to learn to avoid imposing these values upon their learners. Finishing up this unit, you will be introduced to both common and uncommon sexual behaviors that exist in our society as they relate to sexuality. Individual preferences in sexual behavior vary widely and it is important to be aware of the wide range of sexual expressions, both appropriate and inappropriate, legal and illegal, as well as those considered to be violent and aggressive in our society. Pertinent to this review of this material is a discussion of the role of media, culture, and religion in determining the normality or acceptance of any given sexual behavior in society. In the threaded discussion for this unit, you will dialogue with your peers about the complexities of intimate relationships as they relate to scripture. Then you will examine how these complexities may impact parents sexual education of their children. In the Unit Assignment, you will have the opportunity to present a personal and critical reaction to the media selected by the instructor to accompany this unit and its topics. Specifically, you will outline how the media impacts your understanding of your future role as a sexuality educator. —————————————————————————————————————————————— 3.1 Text/Media Textbook: Sexuality Education Theory and Practice Textbook: Mom, DadWhats Sex? Media Clip: Sexual Assault on College Campuses Media Clip: Many Older Americans Have Active Sex Lives Media Clip: The New Sex Ed: Samantha Bushman Ted Talk 3.4 Word: Exam 3 Case Studies Instructions 1. Read Chapters 8-10 in Sexuality Education Theory and Practice. 2. Read Chapter 4 in Mom, DadWhats Sex? 3. Review Media Clips for Unit 3. ————————————————————————————————————————————- Assignments 3.2 Threaded Discussion: Sexuality & Scripture Introduction For this threaded discussion, we will explore biblical truths as related to intimacy, desire, relationship and sexuality. Instructions 1. For your initial post, respond to the authors statement: God placed this longing for companionship and love, for emotional and sexual intimacy, at the very core of who we are right from the beginningbefore Adam and Eve sinned. And it was good. Then answer this question, How might you explain to another individual that longing for an intimate relationship is not a sinful desire?