How reflection has promoted a deeper understanding of both people and situations in practice.

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How reflection has promoted a deeper understanding of both people and situations in practice.
This essay will show how the use of reflection has promoted a deeper understand-ing of people and situations within my practice.
I will be using Gibbs reflective cycle to structure my essay. These are the six ele-ments of Gibbs reflective cycle; Feelings, Evaluation, Analysis, Conclusion and Ac-tion plan. Gibbs’ reflective cycle (1988) For the purpose of this reflective piece I am using the name patient A.
The incident I have chosen to reflect on occurred during a shift at a mental health setting. A new admission gentleman with personality disorder. Patient A finds it dif-ficult to communicate with staff about his feelings, patient A writes in his diary his feelings. I went to check on Patient A who was on intermittent observations. I had found patient A with a ligature tied around his neck discolouring in colour. Patient A shouting at me to leave him alone. I pressed the call aid for help, the nurse in charge came to support me and patient A pushed the nurse in charge out the way and went in to the bathroom and locked himself in there. Patient A was not coming out the bathroom, police was called as he was starting to get verbally aggressive. Patient A came out the bathroom and went in to his room and five police officers ar-rived and restrained patient A to the ground. Patient A was screaming and shouting and the ligature was removed and patient A was taken to the police station.
My feelings how did I feel? How did others feel? Supervisors feelings.
What was my feelings before during and after the situation
I was feeling quite uneasy at first as it was my first time working with a patient who had tied ligatures. I was able to get along with the team supporting me which devel-oped my confidence and made me feel more relaxed at the towards the end of the incident. The nurse in charge was feeling annoyance as he got pushed by patient A. Patient A was feeling anger and rage shouting verbally. My supervisor was sur-prised how it all happened.
What went well?
What did I and Supervisor listened and showed empathy? What supervisor did?
How the incident was handled by the nurse in charge and I to get patient A out of the ligature
Why did things go well or why did things not go well?
Bring in evidence!
What happened and why did it happen?
How my supervisor manged the situation and care and compassionate?
This incident prompted me to reflect on my actions and this could have been dealt in more of a positive manner. Having balance, the need to always act in the best in-terests of people with the requirement, respect, support, and document persons right to accept or refuse care and treatment. Making my duties clear and ensuring I have the right training to carry it out safely and effectively. Engaging with patients and monitoring their safety. Involving the family on the patients care.
Action plan
What could I do differently next time?
Acknowledge family distress
I will use this lesson in my future practice to improve compassionate care for future patients. Taking responsibility for my actions and making sure I am competent and always putting the patient’s interests first as it is my duty of care.