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You are a Parole Officer.  Cynthia Campbell, one of your clients, is a young woman with two small children.  Cynthia is on parole after serving six months for a drug charge.  Since being released from prison, she has been clean in three drug tests.  To make ends meet, Cynthia finds a roommate who will watch her children while she works full time during the day.  After about a week, the roommate locks the children in their bedroom and prostitutes herself, bringing men into the living room to ply her trade.  Cynthia catches on, but allows it to continue while she tries to find another babysitter whom she can afford.  About a week after Cynthia catches on, her roommate is arrested in a police sting operation. Your supervisor thinks you should revoke Cynthia Campbell’s parole. 

1. Of what crime or crimes is Cynthia guilty in Virginia? Go to  

Search Title 18.2, Chapter 8, Crimes Involving Morals and Decency and Title 16.1-228 re child abuse and neglect.

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2. Would you revoke Cynthia’s parole regarding this violation? Why or why not?