Hubble Space Telescope

You are working for a new assistant professor in astronomy who is interested in exoplanets. One day, a scientific rumor begins circulating that there is a Jupiter-sized planet around Alpha Centauri, 4.28 light-years away. Your professor has access to viewing privileges for the Hubble Space Telescope (aperture diameter 2.4 m, 100 nm to 2 400 nm), the Hale Telescope on Palomar Mountain in California (aperture diameter 5.08 m, visible light), the Keck Telescope on Mauna Lea, Hawaii (aperture diameter 10.0 m, visible light), and the Arecibo Radio Telescope in Puerto Rico (aperture diameter 305 m, 75-cm radio waves). He asks you to advise him as soon as possible as to which telescope he should request time on in order to resolve an image of the planet.