Human Resource Management



Target, Walmart, Bank of America, or Home Depot.

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Part 1- Chose a company or industry (it could be your present or past employer):
o In at least a minimum of 1 page provide:
• Overview of the organization i.e. background of the company, mission statement and vision statement (where applicable) Include its products/services, size, location etc.

Part 2- In at least a minimum of 2 pages, explain:
• How does the organization Strategically Prospect for customers and prepares and plan for Sales Dialogue and Presentations?

Submit your updated draft & Methods section of your Research Proposal, including any updates from peer
review and including the new methods sectionYour proposal will be based upon a review of the research
literature. You will need to review and describe a series of papers, and we will begin by having you answer
questions about an empirical, peer-reviewed journal article on the topic you’ve chosen. Here you’ll show that
you can identify the hypothesis and the independent and dependent variables and explain the results.



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