Human sexuality psychology | Psychology homework help

   This assignment has four sets of questions . Address the selected prompts in each set using multiple paragraphs and complete sentences with a minimum of 200 words EACH. Do not use unnecessary “filler text” – work to have concise, thoughtful explanations. 

1. Chapter 11: What is the difference between an individualistic and a collectivistic culture? What are the drawbacks to living in an individualistic culture? How might selecting mates on the basis of individualistic considerations, such as whether one loves the person, contribute to a high rate of divorce? Which culture would be best for relationships? 


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2. Chapter 12: Males are represented in popular culture as sexually experienced, the initiators of sexual activity, and sometimes even as predators. What limitations do the cultural stereotypes of masculinity place on male behaviors, and how do men respond to these pressures of being “sex experts”?  


3. Chapter 13: How does sexual orientation differ from sexual behavior?  How does this fit in with gender identity? Imagine that a sibling “came out” to you and asked for advice on how to tell your parents. What would you suggest to your brother or sister? How might you help your parents understand your sibling better?


4. Chapter 14: Why is it difficult to define hypersexuality? How many different definitions can you think of? What variable is crucial in determining whether a person’s sex drive is problematic? If a couple happily has sex four times a day, can we say they have a problem? If a person would like to have sex four times a day, but doesn’t, can we say he or she has a problem? If a person has sex four times a day with strangers, can we say he or she has a problem? If a person has sex four times a day with prostitutes, can we say he or she has a problem?