I would like the policy

Research and plan a 2500+ paper analyzing a chosen, relevant policy issue. Normally, your paper will form the basis of your Policy Briefing Presentation (see below). Your paper will present a current US social welfare policy relevant early childhood development, critique its strengths and weaknesses in light of relevant psychological literature, and develop recommendations for an alternative policy or policies. AND The briefing should be in a form you would present to a hypothetical legislator who has a journalistic acquaintance with the policy issue and is interested in hearing recommendations for policy changes.
Your presentation should address the following questions, offering evidence-based responses: 1. What is your topic social problem and why is it important? 2. What is the current policy/policies and relevant legislation (if any) in the US? Compare these to a different existing policy/legislation approach at least one Nordic or other country. 3. What is the cost of the status quo and the alternative to the best of your ability, taking into account both short and long-term social and economic costs. 3. Evaluate the current policy: Is it responsive to developmental facts? Is it just? Is it effective? 4. What alternative policy or policies do you recommend for the US? I would like the policy to revolve around implementing a more conservative approach toward the prescription of ADHD medication to especially young children (and specifically those who have experienced trauma that may lead to an incorrect diagnosis) More broadly, both could address ADHD in children and its effects on outcomes in their adult lives.


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