ICT103 Systems Analysis And Design


Case Study:

Expert courier company (ECC) is a newly created courier service company whose aim is to serve customers with the courier services that offer a faster and more secure alternative to the usual mail service. To achieve their goal, ECC has considered developing an automated system using an efficient and user-friendly interface with an online booking system that would enable their customers to access the system from their computers as well as mobile devices and to book for their courier services.

The system should allow the customers to log into their own account and book the services. They need to be able to enter the pick-up and drop off office location of their choice. The system should be able to allocate the job to the available delivery agent for fast processing and send the relevant information to the customer along with the details of calculated cost as well as the approximate delivery date and time.

Overall the system is required to have the following features for a variety of users.

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  • Customer Management operations (Creating, deleting, updating, searching customer)
  • Shipment Management operations (Checking for available delivery agents, Tracking detailed information of shipment deliveries)
    • Payment processing functions (Processing customer payments, Issuing online receipts)
    • Login Management functions (Creating or removing system users)
    • Report Generation functionalities (Generating reports of shipments, delivery agents,customers etc.

You may also add other possible functions that you deem necessary to function in this business case.