identify and provide evidence for what you believe to be the most important cause of the Cold War that developed after World War II.

1 ) In this discussion, identify and provide evidence for what you believe to be the most important cause of the Cold War that developed after World War II.2) In responding to your two classmates’ posts, discuss why you believe your cause was more damaging. Use your textbook to support your reasoning.You are not expected to use outside sources beyond your text, however if you do, be sure to properly cite them.classmate 1) Jerry B.The Cold War was more of an economic and political war for each other’s superiority. No physical fighting ensued. Each side wanted to see whether communism (Soviet Union) or capitalism (United States) would prevail as a leader. One cause of the Cold War was the Soviet Union’s dislike of capitalism. They preferred a system run by the government rather than the states and its people as private owners. I know we only had to chose one, but another that comes to mind is broken election promises and broken election practices such as the possible interference of Russia in the 2016 U. S. elections.Classmate 2) Andrea MIn my opinion, the most important cause or one of the more significant events that led to the Cold War was when the Soviet Union demonstrated in 1949 that they had successfully developed atomic energy and nuclear weapons. This was a significant event leading to the Cold War as this now meant that the United States was no longer the only leading nation that had developed atomic energy or nuclear weapons.When the United States and President Truman made the decision to be the first country to use atomic bombs as a weapon of war against Japan in 1945, the United States had multiple objectives. The United States wanted to end World War II quickly and in a show of ultimate force wanted to demonstrate to Japan that they had the most powerful weapon to get a full surrender. The United States also wanted to avoid more United States casualties by avoiding a land invasion but also wanted to use the Atomic Bomb as quickly as possible to keep the Soviet Union from entering the war with Japan in 1945 and from spreading communism in Southeast Asia.After World War II and by 1949, the United States and the Soviet Union were major rivals as world powers, and both had the capability to wage Nuclear War. The United States and the Soviet Union had completely opposing forms of governmental principles — however, both nations wanted to dominate the world. The United States was fighting for democracy, believed in capitalism, and also held the belief that other countries and nations had the right to self-govern democratically. Alternatively, the Soviet Union it seems was always fighting to spread communism and socialistic forms of government and seeking out other countries that they could take dominate and enforce their communistic rule with totalitarian force. According to Trowbridge (2015), “The Cold War refers to the economic and political rivalry between 1945 and 1991 that pitted the communist totalitarianism of the Soviet Union and its allies against the democratic capitalism of the United States and its allies.”