foundation for current trends in wage compensation



Your compensation paper provided the foundation for current trends in wage compensation.  Your  research paper should explore a current concept, issue, or trend that is currently used in the workplace.  For example, you may explore remote work, hybrid work, offering tuition compensation, health benefits, wellness plans, etc… Possible questions:  How are these plans used by employers to attract and retain employees?  What is the success of these plans?  What are some of the drawbacks for the company and the employee?  What might be some challenges in implementing and benefitting from these plans (for example, health cost accounts may be useful to employees who have anticipated health costs but is this a plan that is desireable to employees without health issues?  What are the benefits of such a plan for employees who are planning a family?  How might employees who are not contemplating starting a family feel that their needs are being/not being met by such a plan?

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Your research paper should be a minimum of 5 pages (double spaced, APA formatted) include the following –

  • Cover Page 1.0 (include assignment title, research topic name, your name, course, date)
  • Abstract (one paragraph summary of paper – see APA)-2 pts
  • Table of Contents 1.0 pt
  • Topic/Concept Definition 2 pts
  • Current Research on the subject (last 5 years) 3 pts
  • Workplace Trends/Practices 3 pts
  • Pros and Cons 3 pts
  • Key Learnings 2 pts
  • Conclusion 1 pt
  • References/Bibliography (no references over 5 years old – at least two journal articles) 2pt
  • Appendix (if you have charts, graphs, or pictures)- may increase grade by 1 pt for inclusion