Healthcare Correlation Assignment


MOHA 570


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Part One Instructions:  A healthcare researcher would like to answer the following research question: Is there a correlation between occupancy rate and percent of residents with catheters?  Using what you’ve read about correlations in Field, a null and alternate hypothesis for this research question.  Using the SPSS-generated output box provided below, compose an APA-formatted results interpretation paragraph.


OccRate cathedres
OccRate Pearson Correlation 1 -.100*
Sig. (2-tailed) .046
N 400 400
cathedres Pearson Correlation -.100* 1
Sig. (2-tailed) .046
N 400 400
*. Correlation is significant at the 0.05 level (2-tailed).






Results and Interpretation:




Part Two Instructions: Use the Excel file provided in Canvas to calculate the correlation coefficient between total hospital expenditures and obesity rate.  Paste the coefficient and interpretation here.  (formulas > more functions > statistical > correl OR data > data analysis (may be an add in) > correlation).



Please answer below in 100 word limit in APA format


Part 1: Importance of Cash

Generating cash is the ultimate responsibility for managers today. Cash and cash flow are considered the “lifeblood” of a business.

How important has cash generation been for your current company or a prior employer? How is cash generation different from the concept of profit and loss (P&L) in accounting? Provide an example of how a company manages cash flow.

Part 2: Application of Concepts/Financial Analysis

Review the materials in the link below. Based on the materials presented in this link, discuss why financial analysis is important in the overall understanding of the financial performance of a firm. Be specific and give examples based on your experience or research