identify how this individual meets criteria for the diagnoses you provide.

You previously considered behavioral information and what other details you would need to properly screen/assess. Now, you are provided some behavioral details, screening and assessment details, and you will diagnose and create a treatment plan.

Read the Case History provided. Complete the sections for your additional recommendations for screening and assessment, as well as diagnostic information and diagnosis, using proper citing for the sources you include. Make sure to carefully consider what diagnoses are accurate, not just what she or others have reported. Make sure to identify how this individual meets criteria for the diagnoses you provide. Then, using Perkinson, Jongsma, and Bruce (2014) (make sure to identify that you are using this source for your treatment plan!) as well as other course resources, design a treatment plan for Sally Smith taking all aspects into consideration: her current functioning, her mental health issues, her substance use, and spirituality/faith. When developing the treatment plan, consider what substances she is or has been using, what her self-report is as compared to medical records reports, and the evaluators observations. Consider the best treatment setting and go with it, regardless of whether you think she is likely to follow through. The goal is to think through the information you have, the evidence at hand, and what this individual needs.

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