identify the options and dimensions of interest.

Represent a domain of configurable options. Feel free to use the primary example (submarine sandwich), or use something else of your interest. You will need to identify the options and dimensions of interest. For submarine sandwiches, you could use the information on a restaurant website as a source of ideas and details. You will need to consider the level of detail and scope of your program. This is not a trivial decision. More detail and scope will increase your grade, but beware of the risk of making it so complicated that you cannot complete the assignment. One suggestion is to start simple and build up. 2. Make a Haskell program that can generate reasonable combinations and compute any necessary characteristics (such as calories). 3. Be able to take a user request and find all of the combinations that match that request. You will need to decide how the user request is configured: e.g., an interactive text dialogue (question and answer), or a preferences text file, or in the program code itself. You will be graded on how easy this is to access and use. Definitely include a description of how the requests need to be phrased or formatted (either as part of the interface or in an instruction manual).

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