Christian Perspective World Changer Strategies Web Page


World Changer Outcomes

A “world changer” is a servant leader who exhibits:

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  • BASICS OF THE CHRISTIAN FAITH: A knowledge of the basic themes and truths of the Old and New Testaments and the basic beliefs of Christianity; an awareness of Bible-based morality and social responsibility; and a reasoned understanding of a Christian worldview and the meaning of salvation as expressed in evangelical Christianity
  • LIBERAL ARTS FOUNDATION: A solid grasp of the general studies that have been associated with a liberal arts education
  • COMPETENCY IN A DISCIPLINE: A competency in at least one major discipline of the university curriculum.
  • INTEGRATION OF KNOWLEDGE: The integration of knowledge with one’s faith and across academic disciplines



  • CREATIVITY: The ability to make connections between various bodies of information and to create new forms and structures
  • CRITICAL THINKING: The ability to process information both analytically and critically in order to determine the validity of competing truth claims, and to be an effective problem solver
  • COMMUNICATION: The ability to read critically, to write clearly, and to communicate effectively in various other forms
  • SELF-DISCIPLINE: The development of personal habits of self-discipline and control
  • LIFELONG LEARNING: The ability to discover and process information as a self-directed learner
  • LEADERSHIP: The ability to effect change within various group settings; to martial resources to accomplish one’s vision
  • SERVANTHOOD: The ability to see and meet the needs of others


Dispositions (Beliefs and Attitudes)

  • COMMITMENT TO TRUTH: A commitment to the search for objective truth as revealed in the Bible and in God’s created order.
  • INCLUSION: The desire to dialogue across perspectives and cultures without surrendering a commitment to truth
  • HUMAN WORTH: A belief that God created all life and therefore all people have worth
  • STEWARDSHIP: A valuing of the created order as a trust from God and a commitment to the wise use of all the resources of life
  • LIFE CALLING: The cultivation of a sense of purpose and a passion to pursue God’s call
  • SERVICE: A commitment to view one’s career as a vocation (calling) rather than an obligation or an end in itself
  • AGENTS OF CHANGE: A commitment to become an agent of God’s redemptive plan
  • SELFLESSNESS: The motivation to put others before self