IFN507 Network Systems

Task 1: Wireshark Analysis

Open Wireshark.pcapng and answer the following questions. For each of these questions, you are required to provide an answer with supporting evidence such as screenshots.

1.How many packets are there in this trace file?

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2.Find the first DNS request. What is its Transaction ID in hexadecimal?

3.What HTTP command is sent in frame 37483?

4.What is the length of the largest frame in this trace file? How many frames have the largest length?

5.Is there any IPv6 traffic in this trace file? If yes, how many IPv6 traffics are in this trace file?

6.How many frames has FIN flag on?

7.How many frames travel to or from

8.How many DNS packets are in this trace file?

9.How many frames have the TCP SYN bit set to 1?

10.How many frames contain the string “set-cookie” in upper case or lower case?

11.How many frames contain a TCP delta time greater than 1 second?

12.How many frames have “Bad TCP” colouring rule?

13.Temporarily colour “TCP stream 5” with a light blue background and apply a filter on this traffic. How many packets match your filter?

14.Export question 13 summary in CSV format. Using a spreadsheet program to show what the total length is.

15.Create and apply a colouring rule for TCP delta delays. How many frames match this colouring rule?

16.Export question 15 filtered TCP delta information in CSV format. Using a spreadsheet program, what is the average TCP delta time?

Task 2: Trace Analysis

A pure-text ns-3 trace file “Assignment2.tr” is provided, which results from an ns-3 simulation study of a network of five nodes n0, n1, n2, n3 and n4. Your tutor will explain the format of the ns-3 trace file in your practicals session. The internal representation of the network and network nodes is shown below in Figure 1. Nodes n0 and n3 are source nodes. n2 and n4 are sink nodes. n1 is a router.

Task 3:  Reflections

Your report should include a separate section of reflections. In this section, each student is asked to write a paragraph in your report to reflect on what you have achieved so far from this unit, and specifically from this assignment. This gives you an opportunity to reflect on what you have learned and also what you think you need to improve. Your reflections are expected to be specific to yourself (not general to others).

Task 4:  Declaration of Contributions

This assignment is a group-of-three or group-of-two project, which requires you to work in a team environment. Your report should include a separate section of declaration of contributions. In this section, each of your group members is required to write a line or two to declare individual contributions to the project.