Image Analysis



1.Digitize an image using any tool, such as a scanner or digital camera.
2.Save the image as a PSD file named “firstinitial_lastname_e4.psd” without any manipulations. Please keep the file sizes smaller than 5 MB.
3.Create and label a layer for each manipulation you plan on using (such as levels, curves, and cloning).
4.Using the methodology described in this unit, manipulate your file for printing. Specifically, demonstrate the ability to:
make histogram manipulations
use the info palette to correctly identify the extent of your tonal range.
5.Save your file with all layers intact.
6.Digitize an image using a RAW mode. If you do not have access to a RAW file capture device, e-mail your instructor to obtain a RAW image file.
7.Manipulate your RAW file for printing using the methodology described in this unit.
8.Save your post-processing RAW file as a PSD file named “firstinitial_lastname_e4_raw.psd” and keep the file size smaller than 5 MB.
9.In 500 words or less, present a concise analysis to compare and contrast the different shooting and editing techniques used in preparing these two files with regard to these factors:
Color fidelity

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