Incarcerated Women in America

Criminal Justice Topic Incarcerated Women in America. Paper details your paper is to be a research paper. It isNOTto be an argumentative paper. It isNOTto be any sort of “think piece” in which you state your opinions.Do NOTbegin any sentences with the words “I feel” or “I think.” The following outlines what the parts of a research paper are:In short, your completed paper will have the “look and feel” of a scholarly paper, almost as if it were a “mini-thesis” or “dissertation,”and it should look like the articles published by professors in professional, peer-reviewed journals. The only difference relates to Part Three since you willNOTbe expected to conduct any original research for your assignment. You can, if you wish, construct your own survey and give it to people around school, and then write-up the results, but that’s not expected and would be beyond the call of duty. You are expected, however, to have a Research Methodology section that talks about “how” you went about doing, say, your topic research, whether that involves library research, Internet research, or whatever, as long as you document the logical and “systematic” PLAN that you followed for finding things to write about in the paper. For example, you might have devised a plan for analyzing interest groups on the Internet based upon how extensive their websites were, so your Research Methodology would consist of the reasons or justifications for why you proceeded to look at large websites first and then small websites. Make whatever method you implicitly used as explicit as possible. As a second option (and something that’s not a bad idea at all) is to PROPOSE some plan for future researchers of your topic. Remember it doesn’t matter if you actually do some sophisticated research, so you might as well “propose” something that other researchers might or should do. For the 2-3 Tables requirement, some students copy or reproduce tables they’ve found somewhere, and that’s appropriate if the source is given. Other students prefer to make up their own tables or charts and make up some “dummy” numbers to put in for illustration purposes. Either approach is acceptable, but indicate if your numbers or figures come from an actual source or whether they are for illustration only. Reasoning means logic, evidence means researched, organization means structured, and substance means you have something scholarly and significant to say from a scholar. They are to be submitted in Microsoft Word format. Use size 12 font and 1 inch spacing between paragraphs. Course book is CORRECTIONS 21ST CENTURY By: Frank Schmalleger

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