Indian Indentureship a new system of slavery is a problematic statement

Question: “Indian Indentureship was a new system of slavery is a problematic statement”. Discuss this statement in the context of indentured immigration in the post-emancipation Caribbean.

Indian Indentureship: a new system of slavery is a problematic statement

HIST 2731 – An Introduction to Caribbean History, Winter 2021
Final Assignment
Length: Minimum 4 pages, double spaced, WORD document

Question: “Indian Indentureship was a new system of slavery is a problematic statement”
Discuss this statement in the context of indentured immigration in the post-emancipation Caribbean.

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Read the posted comments on the previous assignments and be advised by them.

Please read the instructions carefully.  Your response must be in essay form and written in a scholarly format. You must have an argument, and you are expected to write cogent responses using all of the appropriate assigned material of the course.
Firstly, double-Spaced.

Secondly, Times New Roman or Arial font, size 12. WORD DOCUMENT ONLY.

Thirdly, Papers must be proofread and without grammatical errors

Further, Use proper citation for referencing the sources (MLA)

Additionally, a minimum of 4 pages



Firstly, this essay is to be based ONLY on the assigned material (lectures, readings and audio visual material) form march 1- march 14. It is designed as a diagnostic exercise to assess your level of comprehension and writing skills.

Secondly, dO NOT USE outside material other than the assigned material for this course. The use of external material will not be counted and you could be penalized. The assigned material is enough for responding to any of these questions. Avoid polemic and use the assigned material as the evidence to support your arguments in your essay.

Thirdly, you are required to use only the assigned course material. The use of non- course material is restricted and you will be penalized for using any external material. The aim of these exercises is to develop the skill of writing a coherent argument based on the available material as your evidence.

Carefully read and follow the instructions from the sheet written by Professor Trotman for each of your assignments.

Read well the question and directly deal with the requirements to answer the question. Try not to spend too many paragraphs freely describing historical events or narrating stories. The question is set to help you in building a clear argument and analysis.

1.1. Follow the directions – the range

(and limitations) for the primary and secondary sources and audiovisual materials to be covered.

1.2. Follow the length and number of words. This is part of the exercise and practice of academic essay writing.

1.3. Pay attention to the format noted in the assignment sheet (ex: double space, WORD document, bibliography to the end, etc). No PDFs, please,

Read your essay before submitting. Proofread it well. You will lose precious points for minor mistakes you could have fixed in your proofreading stage. These issues were very common. We will be more severe on the next assignment about silly grammar or historical mistakes which should be easily caught.


Make clear reference to the authors you read, the lectures and videos you watched.

This is very important. We really want to see you read all the materials and be engage with them when answering your questions.

You must cite relevant course readings and you must use a diverse array of sources when answering your assignment. Several papers used only one source. This is not enough to show your full appropriation and reading of the course materials. Avoid long citation and prefer doing it in indirect form (using your own words) but referring to specific authors’ arguments. So summarize in your own words the arguments of the cited sources

5.      Avoid over-quoting. Quote to highlight key points and arguments but keep quotations short. A handful of essays included several enormous block quotations. When you can, use your own words to explain the ideas in question. When you do quote, do not forget to add a reference (EX: (Trotman, 2019, p.20) or (Trotman, 2019, audio week2, 20:45)

6.      Avoid repetition. You have a limited space to express yourself. Make your points and move forward to another point. Do not lose your lines with descriptions that are not asked (like a long narrative on all the travels done by Columbus or many paragraphs on how sugar production started in Southern Asia and all its steps before arriving in the Caribbean).

7.      Avoid strong generalizations, statements such as: “no historian looked at this”, “the only case of…” Be precise.

8.      Avoid meaningless use of adjectives or verbs. Examples: “noble motives…” “he is the one to be blamed for…”. Be precise and straightforward.

9.      Be consistent in the style you chose for citations and bibliographic references.

10.  Avoid writing in a casual format. Focus and practice your academic writing. When we read and grade a university level assignment, we expect full engagement with specific written genres and style.

11.  Finally, pay attention to structure.

11.1.        Having a good Introduction is essential.

11.1.1.  In an introduction you explain what the topic you will be dealing with is and also you summarize how you will present the ideas.

11.1.2.  Be sure to include a clear statement of argument and support that argument with clear evidence throughout the essay.

11.1.3.  At the beginning of each paragraph, refer back to the summary – from the introduction you organized. This will help your reader follow your ideas in a clearer manner.

11.1.4.  Short conclusions are always the best when writing a text with limited length. Moreover, avoid repeating sentences from your introduction in this part.


LECTURE OUTLINE: Post Emancipation Expectations and Realities (check PowerPoint slide)

Brereton, Family Strategies.pdf

N. Foote,pgs.159-178.pdfN. Foote,pgs.159-178.pdf


LECTURE OUTLINE: Immigration and Indentureship (check PowerPoint slide)

DOCUMENTARY (video): Legacy Of Our Ancestors


Required:  Nicola Foote
Recommended:  W.Look Lai,  M. Kale


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