Individual International Strategic Brand Marketing Plan




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A strategic marketing plan is where the two indispensable disciplines of research and analysis come into play. The purpose of the plan is to review and assess the existing circumstances of both the business and the market, to determine marketing objectives and strategies, and establish the actions an organisation intends to take in order to achieve its marketing and business goals. The marketing plan’s ultimate use is to strategically improve brand awareness and traffic and sales through systematic research and planning.
The objective of this assignment is to simulate a fashion marketing case in which you are creating an International Strategic Brand Marketing plan for a specific brand, in a new territory or region. Based on your research analysis, you will design and create an International Strategic Brand Marketing Plan of 2,500 words. The strategy must include; the rationale behind your choice of new territory (country and town) to enter, and how this will support increased revenues for the business.
The content selection of the individual International Strategic Brand Marketing Plan should include the following structure:
Situation Analysis:
–‐ Where is the brand available?
–‐ What is the current state of the market?
–‐ Utilise SWOT and PESTEL analysis
–‐ Where do you see the business wants to go?
–‐ What are the market opportunities?
Strategy and tactics:
–‐ Who is the target audience, what influences them?
–‐ What marketing actions should the brand engage in?
Sales forecasts, predicted costs and budgets:
–‐ How much will it cost? (make sure your marketing plans are realistic)
–‐ What is the predicted return on investment?
This should be delivered in formal report format and include the following;
• Title Page, including the given title in full.
• Contents Page
• executive Summary and Introduction
• Main body, which should also be organised under appropriate headings.
• Conclusion and Recommendations
• Reference List
• Appendices, which should be numbered.


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