INFO 31787 Accounting Information Systems

The objective of the project is to evaluate your ability to:

1.Create a BPMN (Business Process Modeling Notation) diagram for the sales and collections business process. (BPMN diagrams are covered in Chapter 2, if you want to refresh your memory.) Your BPMN diagram must be organized and legible. A BPMN diagram created with MS Visio.

2.Create a Context and Level 0 Logical View DFD (Data Flow Diagram) for the sales and collections business process using MS Visio.

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3.Create a UML (Unified Modeling Language) Class diagram and appropriately identify the data multiplicity.

This assignment is evaluated out of 50 marks and is worth 10% of your semester grade.  This database will be used in the second MS Access database assignment so please do a good job.  The project is based off of Baer Belly Bikinis in the textbook.The submissions will be assessed for plagiarism so don’t use the same transactions as another group. The midterm exam is based on the skills practiced in the project so it is in your best interest to complete the project on your own and combining to create a group submission file.