Innovation free market or non market forces



Many advocates of free markets argue that market economies provide the best and most efficient way of promoting economic, social, and technological innovation. Against this, Johnson argues that the best source of innovation is found in nonmarket networks. Is he right?

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As your final assignment, you will be writing an argumentative essay in which you evaluate Johnson’s claims in the final chapter of How We Got to Now. Does innovation thrive best under market forces, or are non-market forces the way to go?

You will either be defending Johnson’s position or critiquing it. Whatever you choose, you must begin your essay with a clear thesis statement indicating what position you are taking. You will spend the bulk of your essay supporting your position with evidence. Do not just give your opinion. You should support it. This assignment will require you to do outside research.

If you choose to critique Johnson, you should also respond to the reasons he gives in favor of his position. If you choose to defend Johnson, you should not rely solely on what he says in the textbook.

Your focus should be on the role of market and non-market forces in producing innovation. You should not write an essay on the merits of market/non-market systems in general.



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