INST377 Dynamic Web Application


Attaching CSS to HTML to set up a page structure can be confusing the first few times you’re asked to do it. In order to be able to complete Assignment 1, you’ll need to be able to understand how CSS hooks to HTML.

This lab should help you work out how CSS stylesheet rules bind to HTML element tags.
Collaborative or No?

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This lab is intended to be completed on your own. While you can ask your classmates for help, please submit your own work for grading.

Lab Setup

1.Pull to update your version of the class repository
2.Copy the lab_3 folder into your Github Pages repository
3.Commit your changes and push to your remote
4.You will submit a link to to complete this lab
oMake sure that link works in your browser before submitting, or you risk an incomplete grade on your lab.
Lab Instructions
1.Please open the lab instructions at MDN: Structuring A Page of Content (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.)
2.When you have completed the MDN lab portion, please adjust your page as follows:
1.Rename your page to your own name
2.Replace the image of birds with four images of dogs and or cats.
3.Change the page background colour to a shade of blue.

4.Change the page header font from Cinzel Decorative 700 to a font of your choice from Google Fonts’ Display selection (Links to an external site.)

Use two weights of one font

5.Replace the main body of text with lorem ipsum display text.
6.In the footer, replace the text with a credit to yourself, using your full name – ie.