Instructions You must answer the question (yes or no) and explain your predict

Instructions: You must answer the question (yes or no) and explain your prediction (why?). You must utilize 4 -6 resources in your analysis of the situation (current conditions) we are in and where we are headed (your conclusion). You may provide nuance, as in estimate the the size of the contraction/expansion. You may also predict that we are going to remain in the same place we are currently at on the business cycle (in this case, we are not going into a recession because we are not in one now). Prediction: (In 3-5 sentences, answer the prompt and state your prediction.) Analysis: (In a brief essay, explain your prediction. You can think of this as an explanatory or persuasive text. You will need a topic sentence for each paragraph and must have 3-5 paragraphs total. You may cite references however you like, quotes may not be longer than 2 sentences. You may not paste sections of articles/text, all sources must be used in your analysis rather than as your analysis (restate, reword, summarize). Source Info: (Please include 4-6 sources in proper MLA format.)