Intercultural Communication ISA 110

Intercultural Communication ISA 110
Homework #8 (Religion)
You know what to do: Use your own words, cite sources using MLA style, don’t plagiarize, etc.
I. Religion Questions
1.​Find your name in the table on pages 3-5, and answer the question assigned to you. Provide at least THREE references (URLs) that you used for your research. You may use Wikipedia OR Youtube (reputable source) as one of the sources, but at least one source should be within/aimed towards members of that religion. (50! pts).
Who was Hildegard of Bingen?  Discuss one or two things she did during her life.
What is her concept of viriditas?
2.​Choose a question you have about any of the six religions we cover this semester (Hinduism, Confucianism, Buddhism, Judaism, Christianity, Islam), research it and answer it. It can be about a belief, practice, or custom—something you’ve always wondered about or found interesting, or something that came up during this semester. It can be about the religion generally or how it is practiced in a particular country or culture. Your answer should be at least 3-4 sentences. Provide at least TWO resources (URLS), one of which may come from Wikipedia or a Youtube (reputable source). (35 pts)
II. Reflection Question—Answer either question 4A or 4B (15 pts)
4A. For those with a current or prior religious tradition:
For the religion in which you were raised, or one you currently practice (one you have strong ties to), choose a favorite ritual or practice (this can be done daily, weekly, or annually). 
1) What happens
2) Why it happens–its meaning and purpose. Assume I don’t know what the holiday means—pretend I’m an alien from another planet trying to understand why people do the things they do.
3. Why do you like this ritual/practice? How does it make you feel?
4B. For those without a current or prior religious tradition, or if you would just rather answer this question:
1. How you see the universe/the purpose or nature of humanity
2. The nature of good/evil
3. Something humans do that inspires you.
You might also discuss how you came to believe what you believe today.

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