International environmental law

Topic: International environmental law Essay instructions Instructions: Using the Essay guidelines in the Skills Centre, answer the question below. Tips: • Use journal articles and texts • Remember to reference • Organize your essay into subsections (with headings): introduction, background, main body (headings), analysis conclusion and recommendations. • Begin research and writing immediately to avoid missing the deadline • Explain your answers in full • Refer to other jurisdictions and laws • Refer to international law • Refer to SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) • Propose reforms or recommended changes to the law and/or policy if needed, or say why no changes are needed Style: Size 12, double-spaced, Times New Roman, page numbers Quotations must not count for more than 5% of your answer. The question: There are several subsections of international environmental law including international water law, international agricultural and food law, international climate change law, international energy law and international ocean law. In your opinion which of these different global regulatory frameworks is the most effective in solving the environmental problem it claims to be addressing? Which one is the least effective and what can be done to improve the efficiency of the ones that you consider failed to reach their final objective which is the protection of a specific environmental matter? Use references as many as you need

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