International Marketing, Personal Interview.




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Each student will interview an INTERNATIONAL executive, business person, manager, entrepreneur or person
regarding his/her experiences in coming to and being in the United States. You must select someone to
interview who is from a different culture than your own and they should have arrived in the United States within
the past 10 years. Anyone selecting an interviewee that does not meet the criteria above will find their score
Focus your questions specifically on expatriate issues such as cultural challenges faced in the U.S. (e.g.
cultural and day-to-day challenges), unexpected differences (e.g. the interviewee’s preconceived stereotypes
of the U.S. that were verified or not), the experience of culture shock, and their methods used to facilitate
adjustment to the new culture. You should also perform research on the interviewee’s home country and
culture and compare it to the U.S. when analyzing the results of your interview taking cultural value dimensions
into consideration.
This can be a great networking opportunity for you, of which I hope that you will take full advantage. The
assignment should be uploaded on Canvas and should be 3 to 5 pages long (double-spaced, 12-point font),
submitted using Microsoft Word only. The paper should include:
First, in a short paragraph of 2-4 sentences, briefly give background information on the person you interviewed
(e.g. his/her nationality and hometown, age, prior international experience, how long the person has been in
the U.S.).
Then, for the bulk of the assignment, delve into his/her experiences (using the focus question topics cited
above as your guide). Be sure to link your discussion to topics and theories covered in the textbook.
Next, scan and include your subjects’ business card in your presentation. If your subject does not have a
business card, include the information that would normally be on a business card.
Finally, on the last sheet that is not counted as part of your page limit, include a typed list of the questions you
asked. You should have somewhere between 8 and 12 questions. The file should be saved as your last name,
first initial personal interview.doc (e.g., SmithE.personal interview.doc)


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