Interview an interprofessional (non-nurse) colleague to explore their concept of nursing.

The Nursing Concept from a Non Clinical Viewpoint
Choose one of the following and submit a 2-3 page (page count does not include cover page and reference page) APA formal paper: Use your readings and research to support the ideas presented by your colleague. This paper will not be first person.

Engage with a nurse actively involved in the professional practice for more than 25 years to explore changes within the profession.
Partner with a nursing school from another country to gain a global perspective of their nursing image.
Interview an interprofessional (non-nurse) colleague to explore their concept of nursing.
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APA resource:

The Nursing Concept from a Social Perspective

Outline Fadra Norman

“Life’s most urgent question is: What are you doing for others?” Given this point one can see how important i exploringnursing from a non clinical viewpoint is. Moreover the exploration of Clinical Personnel’s rush to only respond to subjective and objective data more so than the emotional intelligence of the patient, Nurses to me don’t serve the patients purpose adequately and While Social Service should be factored into the clinical light both disiplines should be able to coexist when it comes down to emotional integrity, social orientation and the economic stability of the client is what Tanya Chadwick Social Service professional believes.

In interviewing Tanya a Social Worker of Bon Secours Health System I raised the question of exploring nursing from her own viewpoint and as a result of that question here is what she had to say. “I believe that not all but most Nurses only look at data and not the human and or emotional side of the patient.

“While I totally understand how one might think that I made every effort to assure her that although it may appear that way at times, this simply not the case. I also offered findings that substantiate the overall publics views on the values of nursing. According to the a Gallup poll in 2014, nurses received the top ranking for honesty and ethical standards (Riffkin,2014).

Tanya acknowledged the sentiment but went on to give further example of why she still continues feel that Clinical Personnel respond initially and intrinsically to subjective and objective before giving rise to the clients emotional condition. She stated that in all probable cause if the situation at hand doesn’t come with a vital sign or a pill it relayed to Social Services, I attempted to ask exactly what she meant by this and she continued to rant. “He smells. get Social Service involved, he wasn’t accompanied by a family member.. get Social Service involved, he doesn’t have any teeth get Social Service involved.” Although, I laughed quite a bit I did mange to take in all or most of what she was saying. With any type of ethical issues in healthcare Nurses must always ask what is good and what is right for the patient and if that something is Social Services this is where the matter is then relayed. Further encouraging that its not a matter of pushing things off on another discipline but more about delegating the matters in which someone else has the capacity and bandwidth to resolve.With even further exploration into the non clinical viewpoint Tanya further resolved that Nurses don’t serve the patients purpose adequately. When I questioned what this means she went on to say that from her seat it often times feels as though Nurses don’t always take into consideration what is best for the patient as they do what is most comfortable for them or their teams. I asked Tanya if she could give me an example and this is what she said. ” Mrs “A” was admitted from the Hospital however, she had been living at home independently and managing her own finances until we deemed her incapacitated with no opportunity for a second chance.” While I did in fact appreciate her passion as well as her view point I gave additional perspective to the matter in stating that from a clinical standpoint the Clinician must handle matters at hand thus if the presenting assessment met qualifiers for that particular determination than Clinically the correct measures were followed in follow up if the matter is then relayed to Social Service then at this time they too could advocate for the client in the appropriate manner to whatever need is fully or further met. This statement was met with an agreement of a head nod and stated ” that’s exactly why we are not in it for the income, we are in this for the outcome.”

The most important lesson that derived during this exploration of nursing from a non clinical perspective was the passion delineated by a multitude of disciplines that should and have to coexist when it comes down to not only emotional integrity, social orientation and economic stability but the overall wellbeing of the being, being cared for.

In essence Biopsyhosocial should be at the internal most core of all healthcare. Biopsyhosocial definition: “medical support keeps me alive, but it is the psychological and social support that enables me to live.” Although both disciplines should coexist when it comes down to emotional integrity, social orientation and economic stability are also paramount components of good health, well being and emotional intelligence.

So one can see just how the exploration of nursing from a non clinical perspective viewpoint can conclude three main factors: While Clinical Personnel may very well be the first responders to a clients subjective and objective data, Social Services is adherently the first responder to their emotional needs although both disciplines ultimately are vested and serve the patients purpose adequately and effectively leaving the clients integrity in tact while providing for as much stabilization as ethically and morally possible. So to answer life’s most urgent question collectively we are biopsychosocializing one life at a time.