Thank you for taking part in this study. By taking part in this study, you are assisting me in further learning about the shortage of female tradespersons in construction in the United Kingdom. By participating in this study, you are not relinquishing your right to hold the researcher liable for negligence. Your participation in this study is voluntary, and your identity will remain anonymous. If you choose not to participate or to withdraw from the study at any time, there is no penalty. Thank you again for agreeing to participate in this research. [A1] 
1.      Kindly describe your current trade within the construction industry?  what does it entail?
2.      Has it ever bothered you that there are not more female tradespersons in the construction industry? Why are why not?[A2] 
3.      Do you think there should be more female tradespersons in construction? Why?
4.      Is there a sense of community within construction?  Have you felt or experienced it within your trade?
5.      What specific personal qualities assist you to succeed in your role in this sector?
6.      What is a perk about working in the construction industry that many people do not know about?
7.      What makes you proud of your trade within the construction sector?
8.      What is the best part of your trade within the construction?[A3] 
9.      What are the barriers that you see as the largest impediments to more women working in the trades? Has this changed over time?
10.  What advice would you give to young girls and women interested in working in any trade within the construction industry?
11.  How do you think construction industry can attract more female tradespersons?
·         What do you think are the social and psychological factors that influence the culture and environment of the construction industry?
·         Determine the structural barriers that prevent females entering professions typically considered as being male dominated
·         Do you think that female tradespeople can help overcome a shortage of construction workers?
·         How can monitoring and training encourage young women to enter construction fields?[A4] 

 [A1]Can you group your questions together under the general themes of your objectives i.e.
1.       social and psychological factors
2.       male dominance and female subordination
3.    structural barriers
4.    overcoming a shortage
5.    Encouraging females

 [A2]Biased – you something along the lines of – what is our view on the male/female ratio of those working as a tradesperson

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 [A3]Too similar to Q7

 [A4]I have added a few more questions for you to think about – it’s important that for every objective you have at least 2 or 3 questions within your interview template so you can answer these objectives later


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