Interviews and Interrogations “The First 48”


The Link for the book is Practical.Aspects.of.Interview.and.Interrogation.Second.Edition.eBook-EEn (
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1.Introduction – What is the interview and investigation about?

2. Background Information (interrogators/witnesses/victims/suspects).
Describe in detail what the Investigators/Interrogators considered prior to the interrogation. What strategies were used? See Chapter 2.

3. Discuss in detail if the suspects constitutional rights were addressed, were there any constitutional rights violated. See Chapter 3.

4. Describe the interrogators strategy. Discuss who they were interviewing/interrogating, discuss their strategy describe the Interviews and Interrogations –

a) Describe in detail all interviews performed during the episode. This includes victims/potential witnesses/suspects, and any interviews that took place inside or outside of the law enforcement office. You must also address the following using Chapters 2-7 and 9-13

b) What techniques/approaches did the interrogator use during the interview? Explain in detail using one of the approaches or techniques discussed in the text.

c) Describe the interrogator’s demeanor and appearance.

d) Describe the body language and verbal language of the suspect. Does the suspect use the denial method? If yes, describe. Is the suspect being truthful or deceptive? Describe using the information learned from the text.

e) Does the suspect confess? What method does the interrogator use to obtain the confession? Why did the suspect confess?



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