INTL703 Geopolitics Trade And Development

You and your colleagues have just commenced employment at a major Canadian company that operates internationally. You and your project team are currently working in the Special Projects division of the Strategy and Business Development Office. You have been tasked to prepare the following Business Report which will enable the company to know and understand two major international, regional and global trade agreements that are in place that are or could be relevant to the company.

Identify each trade agreement, rational for its creation (why), scope of the agreement as in countries involved, areas of trade. Assess the stability and success of these trade agreements as well as all risks that should be considered.

Report Format:

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The report should follow the following format:

Title Page

Table of Contents

Purpose of the Report

Content of Report:

-identification of company and industry chosen

-identification of two supranational trade agreements that are relevant to this company. One agreement should be either the USMCA or CETA (Canada-European Union Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement) but not both. For the second agreement, choose another agreement to which Canada is a member.

-assessment of the stability, success and risks of each agreement generally and specifically as related to the company and industry that you have chosen.