Introduce the psychological disorder you have selected and why you selected the disorder

Research and Application Paper Deliverables The paper should be 5-7 pages in length (not including the graphics, diagrams, charts, title page, or references page) and include the following: Title Page Follow APA Style Introduction Introduce the psychological disorder you have selected and why you selected the disorder Define any terminology required to understand the topic Explain the focus and goal of the paper Briefly describe the main points related to the disorder you will cover in the paper Overview of the Disorder Provide a detailed description of the psychological disorder Include items such as diagnostic criteria, symptoms, and other relevant or important details about the psychological disorder History of the Disorder Describe the history of the disorder Include items such as when it was first discovered, who discovered it, how it was discovered, if the criteria/diagnosis/understanding has changed over time, and the impact on the fields of medicine, psychology or other Literature Review Provide summaries of research findings on the psychological disorder Describe areas, concerns, or issues about the psychological disorder that should be further researched and explain why you feel this way Relation to Areas of Study in Psychology Biological and developmental Consciousness, sensation, and perception Thinking, learning, memory, language, and intelligence Motivation, emotions, stress, and well being Social psychology, sexuality, and gender Personality and the concept of self Treatment, therapy, and prevention Summary & Reflection Summarize your key findings and conclusions from the paper Reflect on why a better understanding of psychology disorders is important to your career and/or desired future career References Page Follow APA style Include 2 to 3 scholarly references (in addition to the course text) Include any additional references (i.e. News stories, other media clips, course textbook, etc. Note: You are also encouraged to include charts, tables, diagrams, etc. that enhance or illustrate your findings on the psychological disorder. These items do not count toward the minimum page requirement, but will be factored into your grade based on the rubric criteria.