Inventory control management database

Project Presentation – Due on 12/14/2019

The purpose of the database term project is to understand topics covered in class and apply it to a real life problem. The students are free to pick any topic. The goal is to create a database and demonstrate different aspects of how this database can be utilized to accomplish different requests. The term project is composed with 3 components:

1. Practicum Project Part 1

2. Practicum Project Part 2

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3. Final Project + Presentation

Some project ideas include (but not limited to):

  •     Inventory control management database project
  •     student record keeping system database project
  •     online retail application database project
  •     hospital management system database project
  •     payroll management system database project

For the third component, these are the requirements:

  1. Everything from practicum project 1
  2. Everything from practicum project 2
  3. A Powerpoint slides file demonstrates your project (with screen-shots for each step/task)
  • attachmentFinaPractiumProjectPresentation.docx
  • attachmentChecklist.docx