Investigating a national museum



1. Investigate a national museum of the selected country, such as name, address, contact (web site, phone
number, email), history of the museum, holding collection and current exhibition, unique facts, and etc. Provide
some images of the museum and brochures.
3 pages
2. Research an artist (you can select from the list below) for artist’ bibliography, place/date of birth and death,
what they did in life (chronically describe), primary 3 artworks (painting, drawing, sculpture, printmaking,
ceramic, or something else?)- provide the 3 his or her most well-known artworks’ name and image, which
media (material) this artist used the most, what style or period of art, definition of that art or period, and why
was this artist important in art history. Provide the artists’ portraits. Explain the artwork details descriptively
including when these are drawn, what materials the artist used, what style (genre) those are, what the artist
meant to express through these artworks, any socio-economic, cultural, social-political movement(s) influence
these artworks, and what makes these artworks interesting?
3. Reference all the data sources
Country: Spain
Natinal Museum: Museo Nacional Del PRADO. (Links to an external site.)
Artist: Salvador Dali.
Francisco Goya.

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