Is Western Liberalism Under Siege?




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Digested the article, please consider and write a 3-page analysis addressing the following:

1. What is Mr. Luce’s thesis in this article?

2. What did Mr. Luce mean when he stated:

“Doesn’t the whole world crave to be Western? It was terribly arrogant to believe the rest of the world would passively adopt our script. We must cast a skeptical eye on that which we learnt never to question.”?

3. What does Western Liberalism mean and look like in the modern world? And, where did that term originate?

4. Western Liberalism assumes the “universalization of democracy” as the final form of government, at least that is what the world thought in 1989 when the Soviet Union collapsed and the U.S. was the “sole superpower”. Where is Western Liberalism today? Where has it succeeded and where has it failed?

5. What is the state of Western Liberalism in America today? And, how has America been perceived outside her borders in the last 5-10 years and why?

a) examine the role of the “middle class” in American capitalism and where it is today – jobs, security and the “American Dream”;

b) what role the changing middle class had on the 2016 Presidential election that brought Donald Trump to office.

6. What are your thoughts on Western Liberalism and its place in the world today?


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