Jestor’s Magic Website



(.zip file containing the screen shot of the project, validation results, and PHP / MySQL Programming code files)

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You must submit a .zip file containing the following files for the completion of Section 1 of this assignment.

PHP / MySQL Programming code files
Validation results
One (1) screen shot of the designed site from your Web browser
Use PHP / MySQL to create the Jestor’s Magic Website in which you:
Create the Jestor’s Magic Website that includes the following requirement:
A Web form for the customer feedback.
Two (2) sponsor advertisements to the Website.
The company’s logo and product images to the Website
Connection of the Website to the database you created in Assignment 3.
Provide PHP / MySQL Programming code files used to create each item of Number 1a of this assignment.
Conform to strict Document Type Definition (DTD) standards and verify your design using W3C Markup Validation Services. Save the results and submit with the assignment.
Submit one (1) screen shot of the designed site displayed in your Web browser.




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