JOB OPENING Police Chief TOWN OF WINCHESTER, CT The Town of Winchester is accepting applications, for the position of Chief of Police.

write a short assessment report
First, read this advertisement:
JOB OPENING Police Chief TOWN OF WINCHESTER, CT The Town of Winchester is accepting applications, for the position of Chief of Police. Salary range of $75,000.00 to $80,000.00. The job description, with position qualifications, and applications are available from the office of the Executive Secretary, Town Hall, 338 Main St., Winsted, CT or online at
You are interested in the position so you look at the advertisement
Responsible for planning, organizing, administering, directing and coordinating the activities of the police department, including the traffic authority; performs related duties as required.
Works under the direction of the Town Manager
Plans, directs and coordinates the enforcement of laws and ordinances; plans and supervises patrol, criminal investigation, communication and traffic control functions of the department; analyzes data reflecting criminal incidents and motor vehicle accidents. Establishes department priorities and determines most effective assignment and use of department personnel and equipment; investigates and makes reports as required to boards and agencies. Maintains records on complaints, arrests and identification, summary reports detailing department activity, and other necessary reports for the efficient operation of the department. Prepares and administers the annual budget; approves all department expenditures prior to payment; establishes training programs; recommends personnel actions including appointments, promotions, removal and discipline; enforces department regulations; makes recommendations modifying regulations to meet changing conditions; makes all special and necessary assignments which may be required; develops and maintains community and public relations programs; develops cooperative relationships with State, Federal and other local law enforcement agencies; authorizes release and exchange of information with other agencies and the press. Inspects department personnel, equipment, and headquarters areas.
Thorough knowledge of the principles and practices of modem police administration, scientific methods of crime detection, criminal investigation and traffic control. Thorough knowledge of federal and state laws and local ordinances. Extensive administrative ability to plan, organize and direct personnel and equipment engaged
in police activities. Excellent skills in written and oral expression; extensive ability to deal firmly, effectively and impartially with subordinates, associates and the public. Ability to establish and maintain effective and cooperative working relationships with other town departments and state and federal authorities.
In week one you studied the competence framework section describing seven levels of leadership competence. Review the advertisement, and ignoring the technical requirements, choose one competency level you consider would be appropriate for a Police Chief candidate to satisfy the behavioral competency requirements of the Town of Winchester, CT.
Write a short, circa 250 word report. In your assessment report, identify the leadership competence level you have chosen, and explain why it addresses the requirements.