John Oliver



Please watch this 28-minute video about how black history has not been taught well in the U.S.
John Oliver’s take on black history

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As you watch the video, write down the THREE mistakes courses generally make when the subject of African
Americans comes up in history courses.
As you note those three “mistakes,” please look over the materials you read for this course. For each mistake,
pick a reading that either exemplifies the mistake or “fixes” it. Explain your selection for each of these mistakes.
1.)The W.E.B. DuBois Professor Noliwe Rooks at Cornell University’s Africana Studies & Research Center.
(The material read for the course.)
What is the ultimate “purpose” of a history course as laid out by John Oliver? Do you feel this course achieved
that purpose for you? Explain your answer.
Finally, in your essay, have an introduction and conclusion that relates to your sense of why African Americans
studies are so important to be both taught and taught well to young people.

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