Judicial Process U.S. Supreme Court


Choose two of the United States Supreme Court cases assigned for chapters 7-11 (see table below).
Research, prepare and record a 3 to 5-minute PowerPoint presentation sharing the following information about
the cases you choose:
Why did you choose these cases – why are they significant? (20 points)
Present the basic facts and explain the Supreme Court’s holding (what was the outcome)? (20 points)
Explain the new legal rule/standard for future cases? (20 points)
Explain in what ways the Court’s decision has had an impact on the judicial system. (20 points)
Your presentation should include the following video/production elements (20 points)
The introduction (#1 above) should clearly explain to the viewer what the video is about and what they should
expect to learn by watching, and You should incorporate video enhancements such as a Power Point
presentation, graphics/images, or other technical elements. The transitions/incorporation of these elements
should be smooth.
Table of Cases
Stack v. Boyle
United States v. Salerno
Coleman v. Alabama
Barker v. Wingo
Mapp v. Ohio
Terry v. Ohio
Coolidge v. New Hampshire
Miranda v. Arizona
Orozco v. Texas
New York v. Quarles
Duncan v. Louisiana
Batson v. Kentucky
Sheppard v. Maxwell
Gregg v. Georgia
Payne v. Tennessee
*Pick any two. Please don’t forget to add graphics/images, or other ideas to the power point.


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