Kate CHopin’s Story of an Hour.

In “One Hour Story” by Kate Chopin, the author depicts patriarchal repression in the marriage system by telling the story of an important moment in the life of the married woman. Through analysis of feminist criticism, we can see the meaning of male discourse. Mrs Mallard’s medical diagnosis is an example of a male-dominated society where she lives. They can tell her that she suffers from heart disease, but she can not effectively treat her. Freedom of Kate Chopin’s “One Hour Story” In “One Hour Story” of Kate Chopin, the theme is in the concept of how it is trapped in depressed, unsatisfied reality. Human unpleasant repression and manipulation. Combined with the beliefs of modern society – perhaps the story of the late nineteenth century – we can further understand Chopin’s thoughts and emotions. – “One Hour Story” The disappointment to “One Hour Story” is a short story, and the author Kate Chopin often suggests unprecedented view of marriage. The couple’s suppression in the “1 hour story” published in the latter part of the 18th century may reflect that era, but that is not all. Self Identity, Freedom and Death in Kate Chopin’s “One Hour Story” Kate Chopin’s 1 hour story replied to her husband’s death so I introduced us to Madame Marado. In this short story, Chopin depicts the complexity of Mrs. Marado’s emotions because he feels sorrow and happiness about his loss. Kate Chopin’s “story of an hour” insists that people can only find their self identity after being trapped. The story also believes that freedom is a very powerful force that influences the spiritual or emotional state of a person. The story finally claims that only by death it can be eventually released. Kate Chopin’s “One Hour Story” thinks like this … See more Kate Chopin talks about “One Hour Story” for one hour, but the expressions, symbols, and conflicts used by Kate Chopin show that, in some cases, the death of a loved one is blessed I will. As the story suggests, this may include abusive relations and misfortune marriages. – Satire of Kate Chopin “One hour story” Very boring and boring stories can be a wonderful story simply by adding unexpected things. When used erroneously in literature, it is called irony. The author uses sarcasm to shock the reader by adding a twist to the story. The author of the book “One Hour Story” is Kate Chopin. The use of her satire in the story is incredibly wonderful many times.


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